Monday, December 31, 2012

TRUE BLUE THEORY ~New Fresh Look of 2013

Slim Fit White Shirt: Fanny Mocha
Sapphire Blue Sweater: Online Shop
Royal Blue Oversize Coat: Jimmy Kwok
Royal Blue Pants: Zara
Transparent PVC Clutch: Online Shop
Vintage Glasses: Oliver Peoples
Golden Bracelet, ring: Online Shop
Metallic Shoes:

Inspiration  Celine, Gareth Pugh,"True Blue",Tiffany Hsu, Oxana Ong, Monochrome,
all-blue, Carlos Campos,Simone Marchetti,Natasha Goldenberg, Blue Velvet Chanel 

Fashion is an addiction while color to me is exactly a crush, especially when it comes to royal blue, sapphire blue, or electric blue.Some argue that blue may have some subtle connections with sadness or pornography. From my own perspectives, however, in comparison with red, I'd unhesitatingly choose blue which definitely stands for a more superficial and profound passion other than the literal red.
In this look, I got the original inspiration from Tiffany Tsu (Lanecrawford Hongkong Buyer)'s combination——fusing all the blue pieces together with various fabrics and textures while adding a surprising detail to the whole look. Then it came the S/S 2013 menswear collection of Carlos Campos, which audaciously used the "one-color-head-to-toe" styling method to put all the looks together and eventually brought an impactive visual impression to all.Moreover, I've been strongly impressed by the Outta Space Shape Trend on the runways, thus, I select a drop shoulder coat made of high-class cashmere with an amazing blue color and a structure shape.For the accessories part, I just simply grab some delicate pieces  to light up the whole look.

Before ending this post, the beats of the year 2013 are right here approaching us at a invisible pace. I sincerely wish you guys all the best during the upcoming 2013.

Good Luck and Happy New Year!


  1. Amazing, such a powerful and colourful look <3

  2. I need a blue piece now !!

  3. You look seriously beyond amazing! Not everyone could pull of color blue from head to toe!

    Happy new year!


  4. I really love the outfit, the piercing blue is vibrant and fantastic!

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