Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Baroque style shirt and T-shirts: WWW.DANDYINNE.COM

With the arrival of the footsteps of the hot, dry summer, it's another fab time for those outrageous ones to wear treasures of prints.No matter meeting unexpected sections of anaglyph fantasies in Baroque period, or sensing the liberated gospel of the neoclassical art. Even if the whispers wandering across the pillows and tracing back to Sicily will make you re-experience the real means of prints.

Recently, I'm in collaboration with one of China menswear leaders DANDYINNE ( WWW.DANDYINNE.COM ) to select my favs from their spring/summer 2013 collection and get them re-styled. This collection, as you may have caught some evidence above, is inspired by the Italian drama film "Malèna" which begins in Sicily.In the film, Renato is deeply obsessed with Malena and starts fantasizing about her. From his Sicilian white shirt and his bluer back shadow, we can dimly touch the heartbeats of the flipping times. Though time flies, chances are, we can still recall the sentimental years when dressing in these garments.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


#7 Anthony New York Knicks blue NBA Replica jersey: ADIDAS
keen suit tailored surf shorts: CUSTOM MADE
metallic candy clutch: Maison Martin Margiela at H&M
metallic shoes: http://tomonari.co.kr
fretwork gold bracelet: FOREVER 21 
rings: H&M
glasses: H&M

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After times of stepping in your favorite department stores downtown or searching passionately on the online vintage shops for fresh pieces, you, as well as me, may probably touch a sense of aimlessness or boredom. All the time, we're attempting to be unique, to be creative, and to let ourselves stand out in the crowd. However, as department stores literally provide commonly prevalent garments, while we suddenly find vintage pieces fabulous but still a little stereotyped to wear, why don't we take a chance on some other things apart from those edges—— I mean, sportswear will be good!

I have to say that I'm not an athletic spirit.But jerseys, which providing wearing comfort and meanwhile embracing color-blocking designs, prove to be an alternative choice for wardrobes.Honestly, they are more commonly worn by mountains of guys.However, I'm not encouraging you to dress yourself with head-to-toe basketball jerseys.(otherwise you may probably be considered to be picking up a basketball from your straight roommates and rushing to the playground as a basketball idiot..) Since jerseys represent flexibility and oversize looseness, sharp and edgy pieces such as leather jackets or stunning shorts are advisable matching.Moreover, as I usually do, metallic accessories with alluring structures are also in need. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013


JUUN.J alike taupe robot print neoprene sweatshirt: BY THE R SHOP
keen suit tailored surf shorts: CUSTOM MADE
flipped sunglasses: H&M
whie shirt: FANNY MOCHA
metallic shoes: tomonari.co.kr
holographic clutch: ONLINE SHOP
plastic clear clutch: ONLINE SHOP

When tracing back to the 16th century——the Renaissance Splendor, men clothing expressed an assertive, confident masculinity through bulky layers that increased a man physical presence. Huge shoulders, broad chests, and an emphasis on exaggerate silhouettes all enhanced a sense of the active body. 

Back to the present, from the current womenswear collections, there is a distinct shadow of the masculine inspiration. Excessively wide shoulders, oversize shapes, outta-space silhouettes were reinterpreted by designers like Olivier Rousteing, Stella McCartney, and Nicolas Ghesquière. However, thanks to the advances of the technology, instead of using padding to achieve the exaggeration, designers these days have drawn much of their attention to new fabrics and textiles to recreate the inspiration. Transformed compound cashmere, lightened but strengthened colored leather, or even Neoprene(widely used in diving suits), these fabrics, which are considered to be easily-shaped but meanwhile lighter, are developed and put into use to embrace the designers’ fantasies. Elements which used to act as the signature features of garments’ decoration such as heavy embroideries, strong vertical lines of cut, and trims encrusted with sumptuous jewelry and gold threads, are now abandoned and replaced by elaborate digital prints.No matter fusions of futuristic fantasies, unconstrained geometric structure, or the transcended versions of those famous photography, technology innovation provides us with an ultimate expression of beauty and romance.

an alternative way to have a try on hi-tech fashion: ACCESSORIZING 


Some people are complaining about the flashiness of hi-tech garments, claiming that they are too exaggerate or bold for the ordinary to wear. However, there are some wisdom of styling these pieces, where as for me, matching these loud garments with plain and tailored ones. A simple white shirt, well-tailored pants with a pair of inventive shoes will be good, and what's more, picking just one of those sophisticated hi-tech accessories like the holographic clutch from Stella McCartney will also be a proper choice.