Wednesday, July 24, 2013


baroque print polyester bomber jacket: VINTAGE (FROM KINSELLA)
acid-washed loose tank top: (FROM MY FATHER)
kimono-style origami satin belt: SUZUYA
slim-fit creased pants:
"paper" clutch: MICHELLY MO
metallic shoes:
multi-texture retro shades with leopard pattern: ZARA

Everybody wants a bomber jacket with elaborate print. Thus,that can explain why I think I'm fortunate enough to have found the seemingly humble KIINSELLA underground, where I spotted this spectacularly elaborate printed bomber jacket.Honestly speaking,peacock man is not who I am.That is to say, I am not the one who is willing to go too far or too hard in styling with the bomber cuz it has probably been quite a statement piece that shouts aloud itself.Head-to-toe print might be okay for the past me but not for the present one.Back to basic, same as the title of the notable album by Christina Aguilera, is the major topic I'd like to show from the following appendant garments.The simple black and white, the contrast of looseness and fitness, and also the most classic form of an eyewear...all those ordinary pieces shine on their ways when the origami satin belt is surprisingly added.
ITEM ON THE LIST  BALENCIAGA floral print bomber jacket / MY1STWISH baroque print bomber jacketJEAN PAUL GAULTIER VINTAGE baroque print silk jacketGENNY BY GIANNI VERSACE VINTAGE printed silk blazerTABERNACLE TWINS 'Stone' bomber jacket / VINTAGE multi-print bomber jacket / JEREMY SCOTT baroque print silk bomber jacketVERSUS printed Silk Bomber JacketROMANCE WAS BORN futuristic print satin bomber jacket/ VINTAGE baroque print jacket


pajama-style silk blouse: ZARA STUDIO
pajama-style silk pants with panels: ZARA STUDIO
retro printed tank top: H&M TREND
floral printed shirt: UNION STATION
color-blocking tank top with denim trim: G.E.M.
baroque printed polyester jacket: VINTAGE (from KINSELLA)

Monday, July 22, 2013

ORIENTAL LOVER ~shade of grey~

crane printed kimono: SUZUYA
transparent mirrored sunglasses: (similar one here from LLLESTEVA )
acid-washed tank top: (FROM MY FATHER)
yellow shorts: ZARA
transparent hand clutch: KLEAR KLUTCH
colorblocking basketball sneakers: NIKE ZOOM KOBE VENOMENON 3

Yes! This has been already my third, or more accurately second, oriental inspired look so far.Even though I'm open-minded, and not afraid of those unusual judgments, it's honestly a little weird to wear head-to-toe kimono style in a outta-Japan country, especially, in China, where is filled with guys having incomprehensible prejudice against Japan.But still, the truth is, this kimono, which was spotted accidentally at SUZUYA when I was in Tokyo, has completely blown me away and has gotten me insane. Thus, I have to make attempt to do some stying and transform with this killer. 

It first appears in m mind the variation of color-blocking. So I choose the yellow shorts from ZARA to add more contrast accent while the sneakers from NIKE ZOOM KOBE VENOMENON III play an extra role to strike a balance and add more sporty chic statement.You know I quite like the idea of matching kimono with sneakers, for I consider it an intriguing combo of classic beauty and modern energy. And for the sneakers themselves, my affection towards them has been beyond my words could tell.

Friday, July 19, 2013


oriental printed loose bomber jacket: ZARA
striped loose structure pants: MIXSEVEN
acid-washed tank top: (FROM MY FATHER)
"paper"clutch: MICHELLY MO
transparent mirrored sunglasses: (similar one here from LLLESTEVA )
fretwork cuff: ASOS (SOLD OUT!)
structure rings: H&M
metallic shoes:

I have to admit that my affection for Oriental culture has enhanced after my 10-day off in Japan.During my trip when I was at Hakone Town, which is a nationwide notable holiday resort for Japanese and foreigners, I happened to learn the manners of wearing a kimono and going to a hot spring.From those countless kimonos on the street, I spotted various fabrics, styles, patterns, as well as different prints and details. Sure I believe Japanese wear a variation on kimonos.However, their willingness of dressing in this traditional garments reveals the spirit of a people——self-confidence, self-conscious, and somehow pragmatism.

And as the French fashion designer Pierre Cardin once said whilst examining kimonos in Japan, “There is no need to change this perfect traditional costume.", Kimono spirit do inspires fashion a lot. Take Emilio Pucci' s spring 2013 collection for instance, a wide range of kimono silhouettes were brought into use with those oriental prints and satin fabrics. Not come singly but in pairs, the embroidered souvenir jacket from 3.1 Phillip Lim also uses kimono for reference to create a sporty oriental look.

ITEMS ON THE LIST   ZARA printed jacket/ PULL&BEAR printed kimono/ATHENA PROCOPIOU geometric kimonoZARA oriental printed loose jacket/ RIVER ISLAND navy blue kimono/ TOPSHOP printed kimono/VIX St. Barths Helen floral tunic/ ZARA embroidered kimono/ 3.1 PHILLIP LIM embroidered neoprene bomber/ ZARA printed pajama blouse/ FRONT ROW SHOP printed kimono/ 3.1 PHILLIP LIM embroidered souvenir jacket

Monday, July 15, 2013


embroidered leather jacket: BOY LONDON VINTAGE
cut-out mesh vest: H&M
tailored striped shorts: CUSTOM MADE
denim clutch: AMERICAN APPAREL
half-frame classic eyeglasses: TOM FORD

Finally make a comeback here with some summer easy chic.During my trip to Japan, I was profoundly impressed by the loose, casual but edgy looks interpreted by the dashing Japanese. What inspired me most was their effortless attitude to dressing between up and down, for some of them even managed to interpret looseness by wearing head-to-toe leather or magnificent prints while denim would meanwhile be the secret weapon of cutting edge.

I hope you've remembered the mesh top from H&M and denim clutch from American Apparel since I had mentioned these two killers before.Though it seems that they have nothing to do with oriental essence, they are probably connected to the Japanese style in some words.And I have to admit my affection to the variation of this mesh top with cut-out style, which is by means able to reach various situations. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

JAPAN ~episode I~

Sorry for being probably silent for while, for these days I've been engaged in preparing my trip to Japan with my friends at primary school, thus, currently we are in Hakone Town about to complete the day four schedule.

Honestly speaking, it's my debut experience to another country, as for times I had been too lazy to make any practical plans.Nerve, insecurity, and a little bit of sudden homesickness filled in my brain on the first day of our trave l.However, as our flight landed punctually and safely at Natari Aiport, all that concern came out of my way in a sudden and I was so eager to explore a brand new culture and staffs in a new country ever than before.

We headed to Odaiba in Tokyo after checking in the hostel Khaosan Tokyo Labarory for some night treasure. Of course the Sky Wheel at the Platte Town caught our heart at the first sight we arrived. There was a moment I believe that the whole world had turned into complete silence except for us. And there was almost nothing better than overlooking the nightscape of Tokyo with the rainbow light flaring.

What I expected the most was the second day's schedule and sure it was. Not to mention the unbelievable view from the observatory of Tokyo Tower or the harmonious air at the Imperial Palace, we were fortunate enough to have met the Emperor of Japan when we are just getting of the railway station.I was also surprised to spot a supersonic vintage silk shirt with fire frame embroidery by Johnny Suede at Jumpin' Jack's and a gorgeous printed jacket at Kinsella. 

On the third day we went on some busy walk around Tokyo including the notable Sensoji Temple, the University of Tokyo, Akihabara, Ginza area,and the significant Tokyo Skytree.

Right now I'm sitting in front of my notebook(though my roommates have all gone to sleep) and waiting for the fifth day to come after a dramatic foggy foggy day in Hakone Town enjoying the cool wind, moist air, hot spring, and a series crush of traditional Japanese yum!

Going to bed right now, talk to you guys later. Have a nice weekend!