Sunday, May 26, 2013


navy "COLLAGE" joshi t-shirt: ACNE (sold out!)
patchwork color-blocking denim jeans: 3.1 PHILLIP LIM
metallic candy clutch: MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA WITH H&M
askin metal silver shoes: ACNE

First time ever in Shenzhen,MIDI Music Festival fell last week for three days from May.17 to May.19. As newcomers in music festivals, I, along with Fay, Will, and Water, was filled with enthusiasm about that.

Fay is wearing: HOLLISTER navy printed bra top and mini skirt/ T.U.K platform shoes / VINTAGE red leather bag

I have to make it clear that we are definitely all RACKERS for real, since participating in a music festival is for us a kinda of leisure treasure.Pogo, geek shoulder bags, crazy scream, or day-to-night MIDI camping? I say NO! We say NO! The warm refreshing touch of the summer light, the soft and wild wind, and also the intoxicating air——that's ALL what it is! Though we had been mocking ourselves as true RACKERS rather than loyal rockers all the time, wandering around the grassland, dropping by on occasion for those outrageous and phenomenal bands, and spotting MIDI-exclusive snacks are honestly another forms of enjoying a music festival.

Water is wearing : TOPSHOP "GEEK" slogan top & striped pencil skirt/ NEW BALANCE color blocking sneakers/ VINTAGE red leather bag

Weirdos as we are, still, none of us will deny the charm of of the band Chochukmo, an independent experimental rock band from Hong Kong. There is no doubt that Jan Curious, the vocal of the bans, rocked up the MIDI stage to be an irreplaceable highlight that day.Either exceptional or indispensable, there were probably no flattering words could be more appropriate than the powerful voice itself. Fortunately, we by chance made it to meet Jan at backstage and posed for the pictures with him.So damn amazing!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


studded T-shirt: WWW.DANDYINNE.COM
acne inspired leather jacket: A-BOW
striped pants: CHOIES.COM (sold out)
hologrphic metallic clutch: BACKSTAGE
askin metal silver shoes: ACNE
rings: H&M

Sadly speaking, I'm kinda hate the super hot and humid weather in subtropical zones, I mean, the blooming awful weather in Shenzhen. I'm dragooned into dressing more simple, sheerer and shorter outfits instead of playing with layering. Thus, these spectacular "resort" jackets, which have been worn less than four times, are stored deep inside the dark and dusty wardrobe currently.

For the record, I'm enthusiastic about tomorrow's event right now, charging my physical battery in case being knocked down.However,I'd like to keep you guessing first. Anyway, talk to you guys later, and, nice weekend!

Friday, May 10, 2013


blue and white shirt and shorts: WWW.DANDYINNE.COM
baroque print tie: LANVIN VINTAGE
hand-drawn floral bracelets: from street stand
tassels brogues: WWW.FABRIXGUARE.COM
"Time for Lunch" clutch: MICHELLY MO

Whether horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, black and white or in living colors, stripes make a graphic statement, which has been always known to all. However, sometimes we get bored of wearing stripes, considering they are too common, plain, or similar in patterns to make a unique statement. The truth, we’ve got used to the head-to-toe monochrome stripe looks reinterpreted by Marc Jacobs from his S/S 2013 collection. Thus, we expect more on the innovation of stripes.

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of stripes impressing me most from all the spring/summer 2013 collections. To begin with, Michael Kors' little trick of blocking the stripes in contrasted color patterns as decorations caught my eye at the first sight. They look modern, clean, and are seemingly having a story to tell. Then we can’t have overseen the indispensable Dolce & Gabbana, which the 50s spirits and unconventional stripes of Sicilian style are dexterously combined. And still, Jonathan Saunders never fails to blow us away by playing with a large range of holographic fabrics on stripes.
Alas, stripes are cool. And as for those invented ones——superb! It’s alluring that one can probably embrace both the summer easiness and spectacular designs when dressing in those stripes garments.

ON THE CATWALK DOLCE & GABBANA spring/summer 2013 collections

ITEM ON THE LIST  MARC JACOBS striped sequin-embellished jersey top / DOLCE & GABBANA striped pencil skirt,dress, pointed flats,pointed heels,shoulder bags, shorts, blazer, and sunglasses/ UNKNOWN striped pillow /EQUIPMENT sloane striped silk sweater / J.CREW cotton-blend mini skirt/JASON WU striped crochet-knit cotton-blend sweater / ÉTOILE ISABEL MARANT malo striped cotton-blend sweater /BY MALENE BIRGER trille striped cotton pencil skirt/ J.CREW pastel Vienna striped cashmere sweater/ JONATHAN SAUNDERS issy holographic striped crepe pencil skirt/ BAND OF OUTSIDERS blue and white striped blazer

As for my ensemble, I’m aiming at constructing a sense of casual wearing but meanwhile with a sneak peak of edge. Thus, I pick the blue and white stripes suit from WWW.DANDYINNE.COM, which is made of linen and has unconventional stripe pattern. I have to say I’m so into the unpolished touching of linen fabric, and moreover, it is light and porous enough to breathe the summer freshness. For the accessorizing part, a vintage LAVIN printed tie is effortlessly necked around the collar as necklace to flaunt a sense of humor chic. Last but not least, my favorite hand-drawn floral bracelets are definitely included to echo the casual spirit.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


acne inspired leather jacket: A-BOW
tailored white pants: ASM (sold out)
metallic candy clutch: MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA with H&M
metallic shoes: ACNE
fretwork gold bracelet: FRONT ROW SHOP (sold out)

For ages, there has been affection to the color black. Black, in their mindsets, represents the most profound part of the nature and human’s characters. They believe in black, though it seems untouchable, mysterious, and somehow invisible. And as Karl Lagerfeld once stated “One is never over- or under- dressed with a little BLACK dress”, it’s widely convinced that black, among with its cryptic idiosoma, contains an unpredictable power.

White, which is always considered as the opposite of black, has been named some definitely contrary explanations. Blank, colorless, pale, or even hollow or sick, these words are most commonly used to interpret white. However, except for those negative thoughts of white or the differences between black and white, they actually share relevance, at least for one thing, as far as I’m concerned, they both flaunt the unique power in their own way.

We've all heard of the eternal safety of dressing in black, which is somehow too suitable and wearable to show more personalities or make an outstanding statement, for I believe that black is always acting like an embellishment. In some circumstances, some become a little bit more conventional in black. For one’s original curves or physical shape are well wrapped and rebuilt. They rely on black to regain “confidence”, rather than letting their inner inherent power tell. 

White, however, provides an absolutely “blank” opportunity for one to speak aloud. Sure you've heard of the miraculous stories of a white slogan tee changing the world. With white garments, one's inherent physical shapes will probably get completed shown. It's another sort of confidence, the confidence comes from your temperament and innermost——the real confidence. And even though we step back from those changing-the-world moments or confidence sayings, it's summer now and for sure the exact time to wear white on. Just turn up the volume of your white aesthetics, and enjoy the power of white as well as embracing the sunshine!