Sunday, February 24, 2013


royal blue oversize coat: Jimmy Kwok
monochrome pajama suit: SODAWATER
"Time for Lunch" clutch: MICHELLY MO
PVC clear clutch: ONLINE SHOP
flipped sunglasses: H&M
colorblocking sneakers: NIKE LUNARFLY +3

Fashion never compromises, and never will.Recently I went to Guangzhou and watched the "Culture Chanel" exhibition. “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. "Coco Chanel stated, "Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."In 1913, Coco Chanel founded a new store and created an innovative sporty style ——with Jersey dresses and sailor clothes.

Time flies, but the sporty spirit in fashion stands still.Especially when taking a glance at several Spring 2013 collections, you may probably sense the trend of sporty chic. Jackets and pants made of sportswear fabrics,sportswear silhouette,maxidress-with-sneakers combos...When it comes to styling a flowing chiffon dress nowadays, one may no longer just simply match a pair of edgy heels with it, instead, she will possibly choose a pair of spectacular sneakers to make a statement.

INSPIRATION  Vika Gazinskaya, Vintage CHANEL "sportswear",MARC JOCOBS spring/summer 2013, Simone Marchetti, Susie Lau, sporty chic 2013, Celine
ITEM ON THE LIST Alexander Wang lace-up leather boots 


It was not until I found Vika Gazinskaya matching a cute couture dress with sneakers and cap did I made up my mind to attempt sporty style.In my look, just as I have mentioned before, I got the NIKE LUNARfly +3 sneakers at discount in Hongkong. Since the shoes themselves are of highly cathy attraction, I only select a "pajama suit" with monochrome stripe, which has been proved to be another tremendous hit in this season. Moreover, I place the oversize blue coat on shoulders as a response to the sneakers.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


It has always been some fashion reviewers chattering how London Fashion Week lets them down by complaining the endless use of prints. However, Mary Katrantzou did prove them wrong this time by providing us a spectacularly gorgeous collection. 

Despite the strong, stiff experimental shapes - often resembling deconstructed geisha costumes, with origami-like panels of printed material bound with industrial belts.It seems that Mary Katrantzou shifted away from the prints and color palette that have contributed to her meteoric rise, to a strong focus on shape and silhouette. Inspired by Edward Steichen's and Alfred Stieglitz's photographs, we can probably sense the impressionistic tone of their black and white photos. Katrantzou took full advantage of her remarkable techniques of pattern and cuttings to reengineer nature effectively. 

Not to mention more about the blossom-laden tree print with the midst moonlight, or the amazing Perforation technique of Zen scenery, Katrantzou's option for the architecture of asymmetry and contrast are the major events of this collection. A series of ethereal and slightly melancholic Origami dresses, a black mohair dress patterned with white woven lace evoking the graphic latticework of an iron bridge, a long black leather dress with cape sleeves embossed with graphics derived from a city scape print, intarsia knits glistening with iridescent prints, and a structured black jacquard suit with a shadowy pattern of trees. While less catchy than past seasons, the collection was impressive in its artisanal handiwork. It is clear Katrantzou is looking to strip back in order to evolve, but she has to be careful not to stray too far from her brand identity.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

VALENtie ~ Bonne Saint-Valentin~

plaid three-piece suit:
Slim Fit White Shirt: FANNY MOCHA
"Time for Lunch" clutch: MICHELLY MO
baroque print tie: LANVIN Vintage
tassels brogues:

 Romantic flounce, large scale of red, classy illustrations, and elegant waves, these are my first impression on LANVIN by Alber Elbaz.Not to mention what Alber once said that he created those extremely romantic garments to make women look more charming and alluring, just take a glance of the perfume names from the house: "Marry Me!","RUMEUR","Jeanne La Rose"......we can somehow sense the connection between LANVIN and Valentine's Day.

Thus, for Valentine's day, I decide to dress in a very LANVIN way (although just dress up alone for myself, so poor....anyway...)From my own perspectives, a LANVIN man is passionate,rigorous,circumspective but still a little bit frivolous. He will definitely chooses a classic two-buttoned check suit with only one button buckled-up. He loves those refreshing but timeless prints, so the tie, the pocket square must be carefully considered before being put into use.

LANVIN bow ties, tie pins from the menswear collection

And as long as I've got my suit and tie/ 

I'mma leave it all on the floor tonight/ 

And you got fixed up to the nines/ 

Let me show you a few things / 

All pressed up in black and white/ 
And you're dressed in that dress I like/
Love is swinging in the air tonight/
Let me show you a few things....."

Just dress up tonight, swinging and dancing to the beat of "SUIT and TIE" by Justin Timberlake. No matter you are single or not, stay chic——and have fun~

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Baroque print shirt: Vintage
Ripped denim jacket: Vintage
Navy velvet pants: Online Shop
Clear Clutch: Online Shop
Tassels brogues:

"Your death couldn't kill our love for you.." When the grave melody of the song 2HB by the Venus in Fur rings in my ears, I can vaguely embrace the shodow of Gianni Versace. It was his era, his blooming age. Characteristic bold colors, bondage leather combinations,innovative prints,dynamic ad campaigns...these outstanding features engrave his irreplacable achiements in fashion history.
Honestly, I'm not a crazy garments collector at all. For one thing, however, I'm quite into collecting print shirts(As you can see from my previous looks).This craze originated from a wonderful "accident" when I first caught a glance of Gianni Versace's collections.The spectacularly gorgeous combinations of art-deco style prints, including flowing baroque chains, transformed leopard, or contrast geometric grid, really get me deeply inspired.To some extent, maybe it was the inspirational print that originally motivated my passion for style and fashion.Although some fashion reviewers claim that doing prints is the lazy way for designers to put up a collection, yet from my own perspectives, a fabulous print has its own unique inspiration, culture, stories, or emotions. It showcases the real talent of the designer and provides us with a more direct but profound way of  expressing attitude.

INSPIRATION  Gianni Versace, Vintage Versace, the Glam 90s, Andre Judd, Versace's Ad Campains 
ITEMS ON THE LIST   Vintage Gianni Versace shirts

I  think that I'm a lucky guy who can always get the fortune to meet with those fabulous garments "by accident", and this tine, it works again. The baroque shirt on me is from the Face Vintage Boutique.It contains a large scale of bold and magnificent prints along with elaborate technique. To put up the whole look, I simply choose a shortcut denim jacket and a navy slim fit velvet pants, for the shirt itself shines through and with simpler complements will the whole look be more coordinating.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

ROARING 2013 ~Happy Chinese New Year~

plaid three-piece suit:
twill tweed cocoon  silhouette coat: diddi dow+
Slim Fit White Shirt: FANNY MOCHA
"Time for Lunch" clutch: MICHELLY MO
baroque print tie: GIANFRANCO FERRE Vintage
tassels brogues:

The roaring 20s, Downton Abbey, The Great Gatsby....these are the first few things appear in my mind when it comes to the issue of classy trim men. When Cyd Charisse and Fred Astaire swing dancing to jazz, the general scene of the roaring 20s is here: waist-fitted blazer, unpadded or double-breasted styles,  button-the-top-button attitude as well as the refined and striking pant crease.

“When most children were collecting insects or Matchbox cars,” reported The Boston Globe in 2007, “a young Hamish Bowles started collecting couture in London.”" It's said that Hamish Bowles' personal wardrobe is a delightfully eccentric parade of dandyism—classy yet intriguing and creative.Inspired by Bowles, this time I make a breakthrough again to try something new on me——the most classic but modern form of menswear, three-piece suit.

Hamish Bowles, Justin O'Shea, Coats' diversity, Roaring 20s, the Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey

LANVIN double-breasted blazer/ANN DEMEULEMEESTER jacquard-woven blazer/ BURBERRY PRORSUM metallic silk rain coat/O'KEEFFE
Milo leather wingtip brogues

I get the three-piece suit from, and the physical products prove themselves to be exquisitely tailored.Surprisingly, It's not until I put on the suit when I actually get the real means of fit.Totally different from the female blazers (I've worn them so many times before...), menswear blazer provides me with exactly the right cuttings and waist  line which can magically polish my physical shape and proportion. This time I think I've got to know why they say even the most traditional menswear can look just as modern as any of the hottest new trends.

Moreover, I drape a cocoon silhouette coat with contrast patterns over my shoulders as an alternative to the look, which not only makes it warmer and more wearable in winter but also not seems like overdone.

Last but not least, 
the Chinese New Year of the lunar calendar 
is on the way now.
Biggest heart to all of you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Before ending up your new daytime look, just don't forget to tuck a copy of "literature book" into your bosom. More formal than a gossip or fashion magazine while not that odd at all compared with those thrillers, it will not only delight the whole tone of your look but also showcase your unique taste out of the crowd.For instance, once you've forgot to fold the collar of your suit, the "The Sartorialist" will probably help you by bringing a message to the surroundings like:" I'm kinda Scott Schuman's effortless chic, man!"