Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fcuka Diary: happy Mansing's day !

One of my best friends Mansing's Birthday tonight!
Since i'm not a constant partygoer, it's one of the exactly crazy leisure time after suffering from cloudy and drizzly weather as well as unconscious burden for days on end.

I largely admired the Buddy Cake with "lace"bra and "Mansing Kiss" except for its taste, which was literally in line with my taste tropism. Those blueberry Nipple Macaroons were also of great amusement~

me with Mansing <3

I left the party earlier than others at bout one at night. And i'm wondering if they are still immersed in the wild games and alcohol when i'm editing the post. ^ ^


  1. The cupcakes looks soooo delicious and adorable!

    1. i admire their outlook rather than the taste~<3

  2. Food looks amazing - wow!

    Those cupcakes look sooo yum!