Wednesday, July 24, 2013


baroque print polyester bomber jacket: VINTAGE (FROM KINSELLA)
acid-washed loose tank top: (FROM MY FATHER)
kimono-style origami satin belt: SUZUYA
slim-fit creased pants:
"paper" clutch: MICHELLY MO
metallic shoes:
multi-texture retro shades with leopard pattern: ZARA

Everybody wants a bomber jacket with elaborate print. Thus,that can explain why I think I'm fortunate enough to have found the seemingly humble KIINSELLA underground, where I spotted this spectacularly elaborate printed bomber jacket.Honestly speaking,peacock man is not who I am.That is to say, I am not the one who is willing to go too far or too hard in styling with the bomber cuz it has probably been quite a statement piece that shouts aloud itself.Head-to-toe print might be okay for the past me but not for the present one.Back to basic, same as the title of the notable album by Christina Aguilera, is the major topic I'd like to show from the following appendant garments.The simple black and white, the contrast of looseness and fitness, and also the most classic form of an eyewear...all those ordinary pieces shine on their ways when the origami satin belt is surprisingly added.
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  1. Awesome jacket! love this outfit <3

    Federica F.

  2. i love the shoes!!!

  3. So perfect!

    xoxo, Ana Carolina.
    Instagram: @simplesglamour

  4. The Obi belt with the bomber is a great idea! Love it.

  5. I am speechless. The jacket is too cool for words! Period.


  6. Musze przyznac, że Twój blog wyróżnia się ;)
    Zapraszam do siebie :)

  7. Oh my god, I am madly in love with your style! You have a new follower xx

  8. You look absolutely AMAZING. I love the jacket, the pouch, the shoes, the bow... pretty much everything.
    You're one hell of a courageous man. Yay for that!


  9. Lovely jacket !!
    so stylish !
    I'm following you now.


  10. Omg i really love your baroque bomber jacket, your jacket is to die for XD You are amazing from head to toe <33 Major love!
    Im following you on gfc!

  11. This look is fantastic x