Saturday, May 4, 2013


acne inspired leather jacket: A-BOW
tailored white pants: ASM (sold out)
metallic candy clutch: MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA with H&M
metallic shoes: ACNE
fretwork gold bracelet: FRONT ROW SHOP (sold out)

For ages, there has been affection to the color black. Black, in their mindsets, represents the most profound part of the nature and human’s characters. They believe in black, though it seems untouchable, mysterious, and somehow invisible. And as Karl Lagerfeld once stated “One is never over- or under- dressed with a little BLACK dress”, it’s widely convinced that black, among with its cryptic idiosoma, contains an unpredictable power.

White, which is always considered as the opposite of black, has been named some definitely contrary explanations. Blank, colorless, pale, or even hollow or sick, these words are most commonly used to interpret white. However, except for those negative thoughts of white or the differences between black and white, they actually share relevance, at least for one thing, as far as I’m concerned, they both flaunt the unique power in their own way.

We've all heard of the eternal safety of dressing in black, which is somehow too suitable and wearable to show more personalities or make an outstanding statement, for I believe that black is always acting like an embellishment. In some circumstances, some become a little bit more conventional in black. For one’s original curves or physical shape are well wrapped and rebuilt. They rely on black to regain “confidence”, rather than letting their inner inherent power tell. 

White, however, provides an absolutely “blank” opportunity for one to speak aloud. Sure you've heard of the miraculous stories of a white slogan tee changing the world. With white garments, one's inherent physical shapes will probably get completed shown. It's another sort of confidence, the confidence comes from your temperament and innermost——the real confidence. And even though we step back from those changing-the-world moments or confidence sayings, it's summer now and for sure the exact time to wear white on. Just turn up the volume of your white aesthetics, and enjoy the power of white as well as embracing the sunshine!


  1. I love leather jacket and shoes are amazing! You are so stylish! Adore your style darling xx

  2. love it! all white outfit, very nice


  3. Wow! You rock it!


  4. Can't even describe how good this is!

  5. Love your jacket
    Your blog is very inspiring
    I'm following you now
    Hope you can follow back!

    Lots of love,


  6. I really like that white and silver combiation. Have a nice day.

  7. Amazing, your style and photos are so inspiring<3!

  8. Your pictures are really cool and I love your style !
    Come visit my blog if you have a moment :)


  9. That's an awesome outfit :) You are very stylish!

  10. Lovin the white metallic combo!


  11. I absolutely love white, I mean like yeah, we've seen people going like black is the only black you should be embellished in, and white is just too risky and stuff, you can easily look like you've had a great body proportion and such, for me, being a dark-skinned asian, I actually wear much white, I mean like basically white is risky for my body type, but sometimes, these white aesthetic feelings can just fit perfectly. A huge fan of your metallic clutch and your shirt, I found you via lookbook a long time ago, and I actually am a huge fan of you!
    check out my latest outfit post "The Dweeb Direction:Finally 16" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

  12. lovely look boy! The clutch from MMM is amazing and a must have ! Shall we follow > let me know XSE

  13. yey silver shoes are super nice

  14. heea,
    hübscher Blog!♥
    Schau doch mal bei meiner Blogvorstellung vorbei!
    Gerade läuft auch ein gewinnspiel!
    liebste Grüße,
    Jessi ;*

  15. Hi your blog looks amazing. Great job on your blog.
    Awsum post. who doesnt love Margiela????? :-)

    Check out my blog and followback ;-)

  16. Adore your outfit!! Thank you for your comment! X Soraya

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  18. Really want your tee!



  19. Gorgeous

  20. i love the shoes and leather jacket is mind blowing Gander Mountain Coupon Code

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