Sunday, January 13, 2013


J.W.Anderson Inspired Checked Knit: Online Shop
Wool Varsity Jacket with Leather: NEFF Vintage 
Zipper Pants: KadaKada
Checked Pants: Online Shop
Jelly eyewear: Oliver Peoples
Bohemian Accessories: Roadside Sporting Goods

Inspiration J.W.Anderson Check Knit Sweater, Tamu McPherson, Susie Bubble ,Taylor Tomasi-Hill, KENZO Menswear F/W 2013; Futuristic 60s,Sandra Hagelstam, LOUIS VUITTON S/S 2013

 They're a funny thing, trends. So fickle, so unpredictable. Take J.W. Anderson's Pre-Fall 2012 checked sweater, for instance. Who could have known that it would be catapulted into must-have status in the space of just a few short weeks? With its oversize silhouette and graphic pattern, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Tamu McPherson, and Julia Sarr-Jamois have all shown thier attachment to it, this windowpane knit seems well on its way to replacing the conventional striped shirts as the most ubiquitous patterned pullover around. 
Moreover, as the London Menswear F/W 2013 Fashion Week is going on, we exactly see patterns relevant to the windowspane trend. Kenzo,without those tiger-sweater garments, shows diversity including several looks with bold check and stripe patterns.
In my look, I attempt to keep the whole tone clean and chic while adding some interesting and sophisticated layering details. To begin with, I pick the wool varsity jacket with diverse textures to create a Grunge but effortless feeling.Then, it suddenly comes to my mind that I layer two pants together——  slim fit checked pants with the zipper pants as flowy hems, which strikes a balance to the whole look and perfectizes the proportion.


  1. That is an unexpected trend! Love the varsity jacket :)


  2. WOW, you style is amazing!! Love it!

  3. great style!! love the J.W. Anderson sweater!

  4. Judas, you alway blew me away through your looks!
    Now that i discover your blog, sure to follow :)


  5. always chic, love it...
    tiger-sweater is pretty cool, but you can never escape it when you look the blogs....

    1. i agree..
      there is a specific appeal from the tiger sweater..

  6. Hmm, I didn't know check was a trend at the moment but it doesn't much matter. You make it look like a trend! You're styling is impeccable! You're definitely going places! ;)

    Tae Hyeon

  7. AH! This is incredible.. such a good combo (pants + sweater)

  8. you're the best Judas, the inspirations you've got are fantastic! way to go! i wanna see more :)

  9. Stunning outfit! It's really unique! :) X

  10. This is so brilliant! guess you have another fashion blogger reader following you
    greetings from Indonesian London based

  11. omg, Judas, I didnt know this is your blog until i finished reading.... !!! xoxoox