Friday, June 22, 2012

Runway: COMFORT meets BEAUTY

Recently the innovative Chinese fashion designer Xander Zhou held his debut fashion show in LONDON with the theme of "FLEURDELISM"  to show S/S 2013.

a glance at Xander Zhou 2012/13 A/W "BLEND"

I've been paying attention to Xander Zhou's Collections and addicted to him for times. Those amazing as  fcuk silhouettes mixing with sporty elements really impress me a lot. The wild and free cuttings and exciting fabrics make the collection like nature itself.

Details of Xander Zhou S/S 2013 "FLEURDELISM"

On the catwalk: Xander Zhou S/S 2013 "FLEURDELISM"

Just as the saying goes "Silhouettes as the visible tools of design, while fabrics and cuttings are the panaceas for the wearers. But vivid sense of freedom should be taken in to crush down, divide, and finally re-construct the silhouettes and lines which making it a combination of comfort and beauty."

In addition, the collection reminds me of Masha Ma 2012 F/W which also contains awesome cuttings and creative silhouettes by another innovative Chinese designer Masha Ma

Xander Zhou 2013 S/S  and Masha Ma 2012 F/W

pics from : Nowfashion